Flappy Bird has taken over lives and sadly may have ruined them.  The 2 dimensional game with simple graphics instructs you try to fly a bird through an obstacle of pipes.  You’re probably thinking “Is that all?”, what you don’t understand is that Flappy Bird is the most challenging game you will ever encounter.  It has been the latest craze in mobile game apps.  Sadly and a little bit shocking, It has been confirmed that Flappy Bird is no longer available on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.  Some are saying it is because Nintendo asked them to discontinue the game due to copyright infringement.  (The graphics are very similar to Nintendo’s Mario.)  Game creator Dong Nguyen claims that he has willingly withdrawn the game from the App Store and Google Play and that there are no legal matters involved.  Others are sharing that he couldn’t handle the sudden fame and attention, or the way it was affecting people’s lives (more specifically, RUINING people’s lives).  You can read some interesting reviews for the game and see for yourself.  For those who have already downloaded the addictive game will still be able to play it, but it’s a no go for new wishful players.



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