Lenovo’s FLEX 2 can really make you turn your head.  It has the ability to open as a regular laptop and to open even further using the keyboard as a stand for easier touchscreen viewing and use.  This feature is actually very helpful because sometimes you need your keyboard to work on a document and sometimes you just want to watch a movie or scroll through photos.  Have kids or young nieces and nephews?  The FLEX 2 can keep them calm and quiet and you won’t have to worry about them pressing any buttons.  Simply prop the FLEX 2 open with a fun tv show or movie and you’ve got hours of peace and quiet.  The FLEX 2 comes in a 14 inch display or a 15.6 inch display and includes Dolby’s Advanced Audio v2 technology that will really open up your music listening and movie watching experience.  It is definitely packed with all the goodies to make it a contender in the laptop market and at a fair price.  Lenovo’s FLEX 2 is available for $429 and should be released in June.


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