Have you ever hit the send button only to regret it a few seconds later?  Or maybe you realize you left out some important information in your message and don’t want to have to send a second email which can look unprofessional depending on the situation.  Gmail has now made it possible to Undo a Send.  That’s right, so you’ll no longer regret sending something no matter what the reason.  You can enable it under the General tab in your Gmail settings; simply check the box to enable undo send.  You can even set the amount of time you will have after you press send to stop the email; it allows you to choose 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.  So if you’re one to forget bits important information once it’s too late, might be a good idea to set your Undo Send option to 30 seconds.  This feature will really come in handy and can improve email etiquette and efficiency.

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