Goal Zero offers an innovative solution to the annoying and sometimes unavoidable dead battery, solar power.  Many brands are branching out in the realm of solar power in order to intrigue techies of all sorts.  If you think about it, solar power is a great resource that should be utilized a lot more.  You’ll no longer have to go searching for an outlet when your phone or device dies.  Or it can an extra safety net for when your external battery has done its duty and has died out itself.  Charge your battery pack and devices and stay connected at all times.

They have a huge variety of options to suit everyone’s needs.  From Compact Solar Kits, which are ideal for your smartphone or any smaller USB handheld devices; to Mid-size Solar Kits, which are great for charging tablets, cameras, and laptops; to Heavy Duty Solar Kits made for laptops, medical devices, lights, and appliances.  For any situation you may end up in, Goal Zero has a solution to offer and will quickly ease any panic or stress.

The Nomad 7 Solar Panel is one of Goal Zero’s Compact Solar Panels that can serve up some major battery saving power.  You’ll be able to recharge your smartphone, GPS device, or MP3 Player.  Fully enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about being too far from a wall outlet when your device’s battery dies out.  Use the natural energy of the Sun to keep you going!  Pair it up with the Switch 8 Recharger ($39.99) or Guide 10 Plus Recharger ($49.99) to make it a complete kit.  It’s lightweight and efficient and a must have for any nature loving techie.  Purchase the Nomad 7 Solar Panel on their website for $79.99.

For Mid-size Solar Panels, the Nomad 13 is a great choice, and paired with the Sherpa 50 Power Pack, it is even better!  With this combination, you’ll be able to juice up your laptop or tablet along with other smaller USB enabled devices.  The Nomad 13 alone will run you $159.99 and you can add the Sherpa 50 Power Pack for $199.99.  They also offer other Mid-size Solar Panel options such as the Boulder 15 Solar Panel and the Nomad 20 Solar Panel.

Turn any camping adventure into a luxury weekend getaway with the Boulder 30 Solar Panel.  This Heavy Duty Solar Panel will surely keep you connected while out in the wilderness no matter what.  Pair it with their Yeti 400 Solar Generator and you’ll be powering lights, cooking appliances, laptops, smartphones, and more with ease.  The Boulder 30 Solar Panel is available for $199.99 and the Yeti 400 Solar Generator for $459.99.  So the next time you’re planning to be out and about, make sure you’ve got enough juice to last you and get you through your trip!

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