Zepp Golf

The Zepp Golf sensor is a small light weight device that you attach right onto your golf glove.  It’s so light weight you won’t even feel it and it will not interfere with your swing.  What Zepp Golf does is it tracks your swing and provides a lot of information that will help you improve on your swing and technique.  With the accompanying app (available for iOS and Android) you can utilize 360 degree views, club panel, hand path, and even compare your data with professional golfers.  Zepp Golf retrieves data such as club speed, tempo, backswing and more.  All to help you improve and play your best game possible.   Zepp Golf is available for purchase on their website for $149.99 and the app is available in the App Store and Google Play for free.

Approach G8

The Approach G8 by Garmin comes loaded with features that will really kick up your golf game.  With access to over 30,000 international courses, the G8 is will definitely have the course you’re looking for.  Its’ PlayLike Distance gives golfers the distance to the hole and it is even adjusted for uphill or downhill views.  The G8 even allows you to receive notifications and alerts from your phone (iPhone 4S or later) allowing you to be reached while out on the course if needed and you won’t have to worry about carrying your phone everywhere.  It also offers you recommendations on which club to use because it will log how far you hit with each club.  Even difficult shots will become easier with the G8, you’ll be able to see how far you need to hit even if there are obstacles obstructing your view.  To improve your game, you can view stats while playing or download them after.  The G8 can be purchased on their website for $399.99.

SKLZ Gold Flex

The Gold Flex from SKLZ is a tool that will definitely help improve your swing and game as a whole.  It is designed to work your cores muscles at the same time as improving your technique.  Gold Flex can help you fight slices and flatten the swing, improve kinetic sequencing, strengthen important muscles, light weight and it won’t take up too much space in your bag.  Available for purchase on their website for $69.99 where you can also view instructional videos.

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