It’s been said that after October 31, 2014, Windows 7 will no longer be provided to Microsoft’s PC partners or system builders.  This includes Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, or Ultimate to be preinstalled on new PCs.  The computer manufacturers will still be able to sell whatever current stock they have, but will not be able to refill supply for future sales.  PCs that are already equipped with Windows 7 are not affected by this deadline.  There is no solid end date for sales of Windows 7 just yet, so that’s a plus for those who are not sure if they want to go with Windows 8 or wait what Microsoft has to offer at their even announcement next week.  Microsoft will continue to offer support for Windows 7 through January 13, 2015 and security fixes through the end of the extended support period of January 14, 2020; unless they extend that date as well like they did with Windows XP.  There is a Microsoft event planned for Tuesday September 30th so it will be interesting to see what is covered and what exciting announcements they have to share.

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