Phishing scams are all over the internet and lately we’ve seen them creep into our emails luring us to click on links or reply with personal information.

The latest we’ve seen is the Google Docs scam which will trick you with its official looking URL and encryption.  It all begins with an email that directs you to a Google Docs link.  When click on it, it takes you to a login page that looks very real because of the convincing URL.  Security expert Nick Johnson from Symantec described how the hackers are able to make the scam look so real.   The hacker’s page is hosted by Google which is what makes it look so safe and trustworthy; all they do is make a public folder in a Google Drive account to use the preview feature to access a URL for their email message.

Even once you login you are directed to a real Google Doc, but your information will fall into the wrong hands.  You are able to steer clear of this tricky scam by paying attention to details.  Always use caution when clicking on links in email messages, especially those from an unfamiliar sender or titled with any kind of “Documents” that you have no idea you were waiting for.  Another clue is the fake login page; a real Google login page already recognizes that you are a Google user so if you see that it doesn’t recognize you and asks you to login then do not enter in your information.

It’s such a shame that we need to be more and more careful as not only the internet but also those with bad intentions get smarter and trickier.  Please use caution with anything you do on the internet, the best protection from hackers is attentiveness and paying attention to details.

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