The Verge is reporting some exciting news for all Google Chrome users, especially those who use Google Play Music as their main music app, and DOUBLE especially for those who use a Chromebook.

Previously, in order to upload music to your Google Play Music account you had to download the Music Manager app.  This made it fairly clunky to get music uploaded, and was pretty surprising for a browser-based company like Google.  They had announced earlier this year that there was a fix in the pipeline, and now it’s here.  And here’s how to get it :

  • Log in to your Google Play Music account
  • Click on the Gear button on the top right, then click “Labs”
  • Enable the “Google Play Music for Chrome” option (it should be the first one), and save the options.
  • Your Library will reload, and the button that used to say “Upload Music” should now say “Add Music”
  • You should get asked to Install the Chrome extension for Google Play Music.  You need to install this for it to work.
  • A screen should pop up saying “Setting Up Google Music”, and then you’re returned to your library.

That’s it!  Now when you click on the “Add Music” button you’re given similar options as if you were using the Music Manager app where you can upload from iTunes, a folder, or selected files, and even monitor a folder for new items.

The new Chrome extension is a Mini-player for Play Music,

Did we miss anything?  Leave us a comment if you got it working!

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