Gizmodo released a list of 10 tips to make yourself a “Google Master”.  Check out these Google tips that may come in handy.

  1. Health information: Google offers health information cards when users search for “common conditions”.  You can expect and About, Symptoms, and Treatments tab along with a photo.  You can rest assured that it’s trusted information because they make sure to have it approved by a team of medical professionals.
  2. Flip a coin OR roll a die: Ever need a coin to flip but find yourself with empty pockets? If you enter “flip a coin” in the search query box then Google will come to the rescue!  You can also type in “roll a die” in the search box and they will present you with a 6 sided die to roll.
  3. Synonyms or antonyms: If you’re looking for either type of word, just type in “synonym” or “antonym” after the word in question and you’ll be presented with a list of words fulfilling your request.  You can even click on each word for definitions.
  4. Conversion calculations: If you enter “unit converter” into the search box, you will find all sorts of calculations to help you convert any type of units you may need.  Temperature, length, speed, volume and more.
  5. Reminders: Google is all about making your life as easy as possible. As long as you’re logged in to your Google account, you can type “create reminder” into the search box and be presented with a form to set a reminder so that you can go throughout your day without missing a beat.
  6. Exact location: If you enter “latitude longitude” after any place in the search box, you will be given the exact coordinates for that location. You can also just put “coordinates” after the location name, and even just “latitude” or “longitude” depending on what piece of information it is you’re looking for.
  7. Directions: Need to find directions?  Simply type “from” your starting point, and “to” end destination and Google will tell you exactly how to get from point A to point B, you can even choose from different modes of transportation.
  8. In depth articles: If you’re conducting a search and am in need of in-depth articles, add “&tbs=ida:1&gl=us” to any search URL.  You will have access to many results fulfilling your query needs.
  9. Math equations: Google can solve any problem, just enter whatever it is you’re looking for. For example, you can type “volume of a sphere” and you won’t have to rack your brain for the equation you learned years and years ago.  Or more specifically you can put “area of a circle with a diameter of 10” and Google will not only give you the answer, but also the calculations to get there.
  10. Check flight status: While in Gmail you can easily grab information without having to sift through tons and tons of emails.  For example, need to find out what time exactly you’ll be flying out?  In the search box in your Gmail type “when’s my flight” and Google will give you results way faster than you having to click through multiple folders or emails.

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