Armorz offers a glass screen protector for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini.  It is made with 0.4 mm thick Gorilla Glass.  They are the first to produce a screen protector made from this material.  The screen protector will offer tapered edges for a seamless look while providing the best in safeguarding your smart device.  The protector is coated with an adhesive that is coated with strong silicon so that placing it on to your screen will be easy.  There is also an oleophobic coating (lacking affinity to oils) that will keep the pesky fingerprints as well as any smudges.  You can go to Armorz website or to Amazon to purchase the screen protector.  That may seem pretty steep for a screen protector but when you make an investment on a smartphone or a tablet, you won’t mind going to full lengths to keep in tip top condition.


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