If you want something a little more than just a GPS/navigation app, then you want a high quality and reliable GPS unit.  There are countless brands to choose from, but to make it a little bit easier we’ve narrowed it down to 3 well known and trusted brands.


Cobra offers a HD display on either 5 or 7 inch displays with up to date maps and live traffic updates.  The device is thin and light weight with an easy to use touch screen.  They also offer lane assist technology, road closure updates, and truck friendly points of interest for professional truck drivers.  User friendly interface and easy to use menu make Cobra an easy choice for any driver.

Units ranging from $269.95 to $369.95



Garmin is known for their quality GPS navigation units that are easy to use and offer detailed maps.  Their 2014 Essential Line really combines quality with efficiency into one device. Search by address or point of interest to get to your destination quickly and safely.  With a clear and easy to read display from 5-6 inches, you can always rely on Garmin to really get you going.

Units ranging from $129.99 to $209.99



TomTom makes it easy for you to pick out the best GPS unit for you.  Starting with what screen size you prefer to whether you want a touch screen to work with or not.  They have plenty of options so that there will be something to fit your specific needs, and with fair prices TomTom is a smart choice for anyone.  With advanced lane guidance, TomTom really  makes getting anywhere so easy.

Units ranging from $129.99 to $299.99


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