A good navigation app is always important to have because you want to be assured that you’re being led in the right direction safely.   Here are some apps that will really deliver and get you where you need to go.



Navigon seems to have an endless list of features to enhance your navigation experience.  From live traffic to reality view to clever parking, you won’t miss a beat heading to your destination.  Lane assistant pro, another great feature, shows you the traffic ahead so you can get an idea of whether or not you’ll need to switch lanes cutting your time in stopped traffic to a minimum.  It will even keep you out of trouble with the speed assistant; you’ll receive an audio/visual warning when you exceed the speed limit which could really cut down your chances of getting a ticket.  The website goes into further detail about all the great features Navigon offers.  Navigon will cost you $49.99 on the App Store, and $39.95 on Google Play, but the benefits from this feature packed app are surely to pay for itself in no time.



Waze is a community based navigation and traffic app.  What does that mean exactly?  Well once you download it, you become a part of a huge community that helps each other out to have the best daily commute possible.  You share real-time traffic info to help others save time, gas, and their sanity.  All you need to do is have Waze open while driving and your real-time info will be contributing to the local community.  You’re also able to share about accidents, police traps or other hazards that you see on the road, and get the lowest gas prices around.  Since there is a bit of a social aspect to Waze, it makes coordinating with friends while on the road a cinch.  You’ll still get the trusted and accurate turn by turn voice guided navigation you desire among other helpful features such as live maps, automatic re-routing, send updates on your ETA, and it will even learn your frequent destinations and preferred routes.  Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic, so help each other out by sharing live traffic info just by driving.  Waze is free to download in the App Store and Google Play.


You may remember before we had GPS Navigation on our smartphones, you’d have to search for directions on your computer before leaving the house and either hope you can juggle driving safely and reading printed out directions or try to navigate from memory.  Well the familiar MapQuest was often the site to use and it still is.  Now that MapQuest offers their own app for iOS and Android, it makes navigating a whole lot easier.  MapQuest will make any drive fast, easy, and stress free.  With voice navigation, routes to avoid accidents, and even low price assistance for gas stations, MapQuest is everything you need all in one place.  Save locations you have to go to frequently such as your home or work and you’ll be able to get directions in seconds no matter where you are.   Another great thing about MapQuest is that it’s free to download, on the App Store and Google Play.

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