Nothing beats a nice warm summer night with the smell of BBQ lingering in the air.  Make sure you have the best BBQs with these cool gadgets.  Keep an eye out for Part 2!

Grill Dog with Electric Motor

If you want the perfect hotdog at your next backyard BBQ, then you’ll need to pick up the Grill Dog with Electric Motor.  You’ll never have to worry about losing track of time and dealing with burnt hotdogs.  The Grill Dog keeps your hotdogs constantly rotating on a rotisserie just like in the convenient stores for perfect dogs each time.  Simply mount onto your gas grill and you’ll have perfect hotdogs, brats, or sausage every single time!  Made from stainless steel, the Grill Dog is easy to clean and can even be thrown into the dishwasher.  It holds up to 12 hotdogs at once so you can feed the masses in no time!  Available for purchase for $65.95 from the BBQ Store.


Maverick ET-84 Digital Alert Talking Meat Thermometer

For perfectly cooked meats, a meat thermometer is a handy tool to keep around the grill.  You want to make sure whatever you throw on your grill comes out to perfection.  The Maverick ET-84 Roast Alert Digital Meat Thermometer will calculate, display, and read out the remaining cooking time to you.  Select what kind of meat and how done you want it, and the thermometer will take care of the rest.  No more overcooked or burnt disasters, just delicious and perfect BBQ each and every time.  Purchase the Maverick ET-84 Roast Alert Digital Meat Thermometer here for just $29.95.


60 Second Charcoal Starter

The 60 Second Charcoal Starter from Hammacher Schlemmer will light your charcoal in literally just 60 seconds without the need for lighter fluid.  You’ll be able to start grilling in just 5 minutes!  The 60 Second Charcoal Starter emits air at 1290 Degrees Farenheit which is how you get the sparks going.  You can also use for lighting fire wood, and with a cool-touch handle you are safe from harm’s way.  Order it now from Hammacher Schlemmer here for just $79.95 and get your summer BBQs going!

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