If you love the thrill of finding amazing deals or just the pleasure of shopping online, and you’re a Prime member with Amazon, then today is a very happy and exciting day for you.  It’s Amazon Prime Day!  Amazon is offering some excellent deals today; boasting that they are presenting more deals than Black Friday.  That is a big claim to make, but you can take a look for yourself; they have deals in all categories for all Prime users.  Electronics, clothing, toys, home, you name it, they are sales waiting for you to come in and swoop them up.  If you are not a Prime member at the moment, no worries, you can still sign up to take advantage of this awesome day full of sales and discounts.  You can even get great deals on the Amazon Kindle Unlimited, up to 40% off!  They’re also offering the Kindle Fire HD 6  for $79, a $20 saving and it includes Free Shipping.  With all these incredible deals you’ll want to act fast because once something is 100% claimed, that deal is closed.  So Prime user or not, definitely check out the site to see if anything entices you.  Happy shopping Prime users!

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