HBO and Amazon has released a statement informing of a multi-year contract allowing Amazon Prime members access to some HBO shows and content. Some shows that will be available to Prime users will include:  The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, and more.  Starting May 21, Prime users will be able to stream their HBO favorites whenever they wish.  Both HBO and Amazon have shown much enthusiasm about the start of this new partnership.  They believe that it is not only the right step but probably the best step to begin working together.  See below for more titles that will be available for streaming.  Make sure to check the Amazon website for more information and details.

All Seasons Select Season Miniseries & Movies
–          The Sopranos–          The Wire

–          Deadwood

–          Rome

–          Six Feet Under

–          Eastbound & Down

–          Enlightened


–          Boardwalk Empire–          Treme

–          True Blood

–          Band of Brothers–          John Adams

–          Angels in America

–          Parade’s End

–          The Pacific

–          Game Change

–          You Don’t Know Jack

–          Too Big To Fail

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