With summer parties and cookouts in the near future, you will want to make sure you have the perfect wine to serve.  If you are a wine novice, you probably have no idea where to start.  That’s OK, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing wine.  Hello Vino is the wine app that has it all.  You can look up what types and brands of wine to choose for certain food pairings, holidays and occasions, or for a thoughtful gift.  You can scan labels to get more information on a specific bottle of wine, and you can keep track of different wines you’ve tried.  Hello Vino also offers deals on wines it thinks you may enjoy which does call for in app purchases if you find something you like.  For the new wine lover, don’t feel nervous or embarrassed if you’re unsure what to buy, Hello Vino will help you figure it out!  For the wine connoisseur, you will love that you can keep notes on all wines you’ve had and even be able to share them on social media with friends.  Hello Vino is available now on the Apple App Store and on Google Play for free.

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