Hiking is a great way to explore the outdoors.  These apps will help you find the best trails and make sure you stay on course, check them out!

Trimble Outdoors Navigator Hiking GPS App

Trimble Outdoors Navigator is bridging the gap between enjoying being out in nature and sharing with family and friends digitally.  You don’t need to sacrifice electronics completely if you want to venture out; you just need to have the right equipment and apps to help you out.  With the Trimble Outdoors Navigator Hiking GPS App, you get the latest in navigation technology.  The GPS and compass feature will keep you on the trail and on track.  It can even work in areas that may not receive cell reception to keep you safe at all times.  With access to over 68,000 maps and various views, you’ll be the go to hiker for any trip.  Save maps for the ability to view offline, take photos and videos, keep notes on trips, and share your adventures with family and friends.  You can download the free version on both Android and iTunes, or you can download the premium version in the App Store and Google Play to pay $4.99 to reap those extra benefits and features.


Columbia GPS Pal

The Columbia GPS Pal app is simple yet extremely useful.  The system is fast to learn and can bring reassurance to anyone venturing out on to the trails.  Similar to the Trimble Navigation app, you can take photos, capture videos, and even keep track of trail notes.  Your account will sync with the website version on your computer so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to jot down some notes or uploading pictures to your computer.  Find it in the App Store and on Google Play for free.


Motion X GPS

With the Motion X GPS app, you will have it all right at your fingertips.  An easy to use interface with equally as easy to use features, will keep you up to the minute with recording time and  marking waypoints.  You have access to downloadable maps, a digital compass, and can easily share your location and experiences with family and friends.  You can utilize all of this without missing a beat.  Download Motion X GPS today from the App Store for just $0.99.



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