In Quizup there are hundreds of topics and you have the ability to play against anyone in the entire world. You can even discuss (or debate) over questions you just answered. Show them your extensive knowledge of sports, math, pop culture etc…
In Ridiculous Fishing, you are Billy the fisherman and you use an extremely diverse set of lures to catch as many fish as you can and then you shoot them in the air with a shotgun.



The Walking Dead
From the popular television series, The Walking Dead game allows you to test your skills of survival during a zombie apocalypse. The story continually expands with regularly released episodes. With the zombie attacks and the growing story line, you will never get bored with this game.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown
In XCOM: Enemy Uknown, you are an army general and you control up to 6 troops to fight off aliens. The mobile version of this game has crossed over nicely from its console counterpart. While it is very challenging, XCOM can be very rewarding.
Limbo has a sort of dark and eerie feel to it. A little boy is stuck in limbo because he is uncertain of his sister’s fate. With unique and haunting visuals and puzzle solving game play, this game has unquestionably tugged on a few heartstrings.

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