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  • NFC capable
  • USB port to charge device
  • Clear sound quality
  • Make sure to lower notification volume
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Hello all my sweet Geekster friends!  I’ve been trying out iHome Audio’s wireless Bluetooth iBN26 speaker and want to share all about it with you!  As you know, around the Geek office I am one busy bee and don’t have time to fuss with complicated things and that’s one big reason why I liked this speaker.  The setup was super easy and fast.  It is NFC compatible so that means all I had to do was tap my phone to the speaker and it was connected! Cool right?  If you need to connect manually, it’s still a really fast process, just make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and it will search for the device and connect in seconds.  Then all I had to do was open up my Spotify and press play and I was jamming to my favorite playlist in no time.

With such a small speaker I wasn’t sure how it would do with sound, but the music came out really clear and the volume can go pretty high if I wanted it to.  Makes it great for a party in the office with the whole Geek team or just to chill out at home.  Since it was connected to my phone any notifications I received would come through the speaker too so I had to make sure I turned the volume down for them.  If I got a call and answered it, it came through the speaker nice and clear as if I was in the same room as them.

The speaker itself is nice and simple looking, not too cluttered with buttons or knobs.  Just an on/off button (also ends calls), 2 volume buttons, and a play/pause button (also answers calls).  It comes in black or white so it can really fit into any décor you have.  The backside has an USB port so I can charge my phone which is definitely a plus for me, because I need to stay connected at all times.  It also has an Aux In jack for an audio cable so you can use other devices to play music like your PC, laptop, MP3 player, and more.

Available on their website for $79.99

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