Back in December last year, we heard the news that Instagram had more monthly users than Twitter. Apparently there are 300 million monthly active users of Instagram compared with 271 million active Twitter users. Though there are more people who have Twitter accounts in all (500 million) not all of them use their accounts that frequently. Instagram, though is now a go-to resource for many people to stay informed about celebrities’ lives and to keep in touch with friends.

There have been no official breakdowns on the gender divide on Instagram, but it appears that women users are dominating Instagram. Analysts have suggested more than two thirds of the site’s users are female. Why would this be?

It could be a very simple reason that women are more at ease with the idea of being photographed, and sharing those photos. After all the majority of selfies that make it onto websites feature women and their friends, don’t they. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. One man who certainly isn’t shy about being featured in his Instagram account is Dan Bilzerian – many of his posts feature him with beautiful women, although sometimes you have to look hard to see where Dan is amongst the mainly unclad flesh of his female buddies! Poker player Dan’s over-the-top lifestyle that features on his Instagram photos has won him legions of Instagram followers. He’s only posted 695 times, but has 6.2 million followers (at the time of writing). Bilzerian’s Instagram success is clearly part of the reason that gaming operator bgo asked him to star in the site’s latest TV ad – you can see Bilzerian’s casino adventures both on his Instagram account and at too.

Bilzerian, though, is apparently in the minority when it comes to men feeling comfortable about posting photos of themselves on Instagram. However, some men are getting to post more self-portrait shots in a roundabout kind of way. There’s recently been a rash of Instagram male users posing as their female friends might pose. So you’ll see a man sipping on his Starbucks coffee with a wistful look in his eyes, or a guy fresh from a workout posed against a mirror, being careful to show his best side at the same time. They’re teasing the girls that they know who post pictures of themselves aiming to give the impression that this was a quick and natural shot, but really a lot of thought will have gone into how they look and, crucially, how the world will perceive them from looking at that photo. In other words, it’s all about vanity.

A journalist for American Cosmopolitan magazine, Frank Kobola, has noticed that women’s Instagram accounts tend to be a lot more stylised than men’s, even when they don’t actually feature in the shot. He says that women will make far more effort to compose shots of the great salad they’ve just been served at a restaurant, while guys might just take a quick, unlit snap of their burger before getting down to the business of eating it. While the perfectly cropped shots might get more likes, the guys are still getting their posts out there.

Basically, the way women and men use Instagram differently reflects real life. Women have always been more open about expressing themselves and more obviously concerned with their appearance than men. It seems that those characteristics are still being articulated online.

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