Instagram allows users to share special moments with family and friends, express your artsy photography skills, showcase your fashion or beauty adventures, and even keep you in touch with your favorite celebrities and professional athletes.  The possibilities of how one could love Instagram are numerous.  They have always had an easy to use interface on the web and in the app.  The web version did have more limited features than the app, but users generally utilize the app more than the web version anyway.  Even if that may be the case, they haven’t completely ignored ways to improve your web experience.  They actually just recently announced that now you are able to search users, hashtags, and locations from your desktop.  Before you basically could view your personal Instagram page and scroll through your feed, not much else.  Now with this update, it definitely shows that they are working to create a more in-depth user experience with their website.  They’ve also recently enhanced their Explore tab in the app, allow you to see posts of trending tags and places.  The Explore tab updates are currently only available in the US, but we are hoping they will be available worldwide to all Instagram lovers.  They also have made it possible for users to edit their captions if the need were to arise.  That was a top request from users and they have finally found a way to make that possible.  With the updates and new features they are working to add to both the app and website, Instagram has really evolved within the last 5 years and we are excited to see what is next! Instagram is FREE to download from iTunes and Google Play.

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