Pebble has been consistently improving on their take of the perfect smart watch; and now they’re introducing Pebble Time Round.  It is the lightest and thinnest smart watch currently available in the market.  The Pebble Time Round offers a sleek and sophisticated look for those who want to sport the fashionable look of a functional watch along with the convenient technology of a smart watch.  The display is always on so you can quickly check the time whenever you need, because I think often nowadays people forget the main purpose of a watch, and the screen is easy to read in any light.  Just like the Pebble Time Round’s predecessors, you will be able to see incoming calls, text messages, and check your calendar; still giving you the convenience you desire right at your fingertips.  The battery in this sleek smart watch gives you up to 2 days of life and can charge up for a day’s worth of power in just 15 minutes.  If you really want to make a bold fashion statement, you will love the fact that the Pebble Time Round is completely customizable to your taste.  Quick-change bands and different watch face designs available for download all you to match your style and mood on any given day.  The watch itself is available in a variety of colors, band sizes, and styles.  With five different designs to choose from and two band sizes, it will really be a challenge to choose just one.  The Pebble Time Round is available for $249.99 and will ship in 6-8 weeks.

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