Apple also announced the iPad Mini 3 today at their keynote event.  The latest in the mini family will come with touch ID built right in.  There wasn’t too much shared about the iPad Mini 3, but for those who like a smaller tablet and still keep the grace and beauty of the iPad, the Mini 3 could be a perfect fit.  The 7.9 inch tablet is still sleek and functional.  You do not have to sacrifice performance for a slim and small tablet.  You can still get all the incredible power and performance of the iPad you love, just in a smaller package.   You can also find the iPad Mini 3 in the beautiful gold color that the iPad Air 2 was just announced as being available in as well.  Pricing for WiFi only versions start at $399 for 16GB, $499 for 64GB, and $599 for 128GB. For WiFi and cellular service, pricing starts at $529 for 16GB, $629 for 64GB, and $729 for 128GB.  You can begin pre-ordering the iPad Mini 3 today and expected ship date is early next week.

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