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Sound Quality
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  • Strong and durable speaker
  • Big HD Dolby sound
  • Long battery life
  • Stylish
  • Able to charge phone
  • Easy to use
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Our incredible friends at Jabra have a top of the line wireless speaker from their Solemate series.  The Solemate Max delivers great sound quality and offers sturdy portability which is a must have for speakers this summer.   With the Solemate Max you won’t have to worry about your speaker getting damaged by bringing it outside.  It’s built strong and durable for peace of mind, and its portable size makes it so easy to take with you.  Don’t let the tough exterior fool you, Jabra’s sleek design makes it a great addition to any room to liven up the party.

The Solemate Max is so easy to set up you can begin enjoying your music in seconds.  Connect via NFC or Bluetooth in just seconds and you’re ready to go.  Or you can use the cord found on the “sole” of the speaker to plug in your device.  It also has an incredible battery life that will give up to 14 hours of great music.  With the rich High Definition Dolby sound, you will be surprised and impressed at its size.  Jabra really made it possible to get big, clear, and sharp sound out of a smaller speaker.

The Solemate Max has an accompanying app available on both the App Store and on Google Play that allows you to not only play all your favorite playlists, but also share them with friends on virtually any device.

Bottom line, the Jabra Solemate Max is so easy to use, has a durable design, and definitely delivers high quality sound.

The Solemate Max is available for purchase on for $399.99.


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