Jumbl is a new challenging word game that is sure to get you thinking.  You start off with a game board that is full of words containing mixed up letters.  The words are distinguished by being in different colored sections.  Letters that appear in a white box are able to be swapped in order to figure out the words.  You have to be careful though, you are only allowed a certain number of swaps each level; and the two letters you choose to swap will swap all of those letters on the board.  Say you want to swap a “C” with a “H”, all “C”s will be changed to “H”s.  You can already see that Jumbl will take some strategic thinking and planning in order to solve each level.  Jumbl is definitely a different word game than you have ever played before; it’s great for those who like challenging their brain with unique games or just word games in general.  You can download Jumbl right now for FREE on iTunes.

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