Using an iPhone app and a Mac app, available on Knock’s website, you will be able to unlock your computer by simply knocking on your iPhone.  Literally, that is it.  For $3.99 and a quick setup, you get to have the luxury of skipping the password entry and logging in quickly.  The app does not have to be kept open to work, it does however have to be kept in the multitasking tray.  Even if your iPhone is locked, you can use this app when in range of your Mac.  Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the app communicates with your Mac and can run without draining your battery.  Owners of a new Mac and iPhone 4S or newer will be able to use this app.


iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C

MacBook Air 2011 or newer

MacBook Pro 2012 or newer

iMac 2012 or newer

Mac mini 2011 or newer

Mac Pro 2013

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