Leviton is a company that has a pretty simple goal.  Their goal is to help create sustainable and intelligent spaces whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial.  They offer many different solutions to help you accomplish just that.  Solutions include lighting energy management systems, electrical wiring devices, and network and data center connectivity.  They’re bringing you the tools to improve your environment one step at a time.

Leviton has what you need to make your home truly a Connected Home.  HDTV and media servers alone will bring your home up to date and into the fast paced technology era.  Leviton Connected Home will provide you the tools and solutions to create a strong backbone of a support network that can support sophisticated technology. They offer a wide selection of structured wiring, networking, audio, video, and phone solutions to help created that connected and high tech home space.  Easily connect smartphones and media streaming devices to view all your favorite movies and shows on your entertainment system.  Keep your smartphone and MP3 Players on a mobile device charging station so that you’ll never be caught with a dead battery.  It’s all about keeping the comfort of your home, but adding a few extra bits to make it more efficient.

Take control of your lighting situation to increase the benefits of a smart home even more.  Leviton gives you a wide selection of lighting controls that combines sleek design components with advanced technology.  You can utilize dimmers, fan controls, and occupancy sensors to bring your living space up to date and into today.  By using an Universal Dimmer from Leviton, you can take control of contemporary styling and effectively light your space while keeping your energy usage under control. Don’t worry about sacrificing any kind of style or design, you can still keep your space just how you like it just add a touch of efficiency and high performance.

Leviton takes great pride in offering the latest in Security and Home Automation to help keep you safe make it easier to manage your household’s energy usage.  You can now have peace of mind anytime you aren’t at home. While at the office, on vacation, or out running errands, you can check in to make sure everything is how it is supposed to be.  Security systems can really keep you and your loved ones protected by keeping unwanted visitors out and along with the Surveillance system you’re covered 100%.

There is so much more to Leviton than just a fancy light switch, you can turn your entire home into a smart and sophisticated home of the high tech era.  It truly does inspire innovation and greatness.  Go to their website for more information on how you can improve your home or business.


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