Today, LG introduced their latest flagship phone the G3 during a press conference in London that was live streamed all over the world.  Dr. Ramchan Woo, Head of Smartphone Planning, stated the theme for the new G3 is “Simple is the new smart”.  He shared that simplicity has been incorporated throughout every aspect of the G3 to benefit the user.  Among the unique updated features, the clear theme of “Simple is the new smart” was consistent throughout.  They really emphasized how they wanted to improve ease of use and convenience.

James Marshall, Head of Mobile Product Marketing – Europe, dove in deeper to share the newest features users can anticipate with the new G3.  He showed a comparison between HD, Full HD, and Quad HD (what the G3 offers) and it was apparent that the latter offered an experience with far more clarity and sharpness.  Quad HD on the G3 with a 5.5 inch display really packs in the pixels for the best experience possible.  He then led into power usage and how the display may affect that.  With LG’s 3A (adaptive) Optimization, we can feel assured that our battery will last with such an enhanced display.   He also shared that LG really kept the user in mind when creating the handset, keeping in mind that a larger screen doesn’t necessarily mean for an uncomfortable grip.  At 74.6 mm in width and a screen of 5.5 inches, LG has really innovated the handset experience by making it easier and more comfortable to hold with one hand.  The camera’s laser auto focus will definitely impress with its quickness and sharpness.  To add to the quickness of snapping a photo, you can now simply tap the screen to capture an image before the moment passes.  Along with improving the camera for photos, LG has enhanced its features to aid in better video recording including sound quality.

Andrew Coughlin, Head of Mobile – UK and Ireland, dove into 3 new features that are sure to intrigue.  During this segment the continuation of the simplicity theme was still apparent and he shared how these 3 features could really impress and make even the biggest skeptic a believer.   With smart technology that learns from your behaviors and usage, your smartphone will be better equipped to form to your likes and lifestyle.  The smart keyboard allows you to type faster and more accurately to keep you from the annoying headaches of typos and misspellings.  Smart notice is your own personal assistant to help you organize your device as well as your day.  An example he offered was when you’re in a meeting and receive a call that you are not able to answer.  You may text the caller that you are busy and will call them back later.  Sometimes the task to return a call could slip your mind unfortunately, but smart notice will remind you to return your call to avoid any miscommunication.  The third new feature is smart security which includes knock code, content lock, and kill switch.   By creating a safer user experience, they are creating a better experience overall for everyone.  Knock code offers a more secure lock method than a numeral pin code or a drawn code which can easily be replicated.  The content lock allows you to lock files and content from public view to ensure security.  The ultimate feeling of vulnerability when having your smartphone stolen is something no one ever wants to go through, and with LG’s kill switch, you will never have to.  It allows you to disable your smartphone remotely so that your information and data is not accessible.

LG has really stepped up to the plate with great innovations to make you feel secure and excited to upgrade to their newest flagship phone.  For more detailed information on all the new and improved features of LG’s G3, you can visit their website or watch the entire press conference below.

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