It’s been announced that LG is releasing the first of its “V” series of smartphones.  The LG V10 is definitely something to look forward too, but don’t think that they are getting rid of their “G” series phones.  LG has confirmed that the new line of phones will not be replacing the “G” series.  While LG’s website doesn’t give much information about the LG V10, other sources (such as Android Central) have reported great detail about the new contender in the smartphone world.

The first exciting feature to look forward to is the secondary display.  It has been attempted before by other popular brands, but they just didn’t get it quite right.  The secondary display allows you to have access to your most used apps without having to fully wake your phone.  If you need to do something real quick then it can save you a lot of time and battery life.  The LG V10 comes built strong with “Dura Guard” and “Dura Skin” so it’s not as fragile and has some protection against minor bumps and drops.

The dual front facing camera feature is quite interesting.  In a world where selfies are a major deal, the two front cameras will definitely come in handy.  One of the lenses will shoot 80 degrees, which is the standard.  While the second camera will shoot a wider angle at 120 degrees; this allows you to fit in more scenery or friends into your photo.  Another cool feature that Android lovers are looking forward to is the fingerprint scanner.  The power and volume buttons that LG users are used to seeing on the back of their phones; now comes with an added bonus.  Now you can rest assured that hacking into your phone will be a thing of the past.  LG wanted to make the V10 a perfect phone for those who love to create content.  Their full manual video mode allows you to create videos exactly how you want it.  You can control zoom, audio, white balance, focus, and so much more.

The LG V10 comes a tad larger than the G4.  It measures a slightly larger display at 5.7 inches where the G4 was 5.5 inches.  It is quite a bit heavier at 192g compared to the G4 at 155g.  It also has a 3,000 mAh battery which is removable, and runs Android Lollipop 5.1.1.  Pricing and release dates have not been confirmed as of yet, but it is known to be available from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.  You can sign up on LG’s official website to get up to date information as it is released.

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