Logitech has come up with the solution to all your iPhone case and accessory needs.  The Case[+] combines 5 useful iPhone accessories into 1 simple case.  Of course the case protects your phone without adding the extra bulk.  Enjoy the sleek design of your iPhone without sacrificing safety.  The [+] tilt leather was made so you can use it as a stand to prop your iPhone up for easy viewing, and it doubles as an ear bud wrap to keep them from getting tangled.  [+] drive is a mount for your car dashboard or windshield to provide safe viewing while driving.  Easily access your favorite tunes or never lose sight of the road when following your GPS.  The [+] wallet feature holds your cards and/or cash securely and will not demagnetize your cards.  It can also be used on its own as a wallet when not attached to your Case[+].   Last but certainly not least, is the [+] energy.  Maybe one of the most important if not useful features.  [+] energy will save the day when your iPhone has run down to 0% battery.  Don’t worry about looking for an outlet when on the go, just use the [+] energy to keep going.

Compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S and available for $199.99 on the Logitech website, you get the protective case, [+] tilt panel, [+] wallet, [+] drive, [+] energy, USB charging cord, universal adaptor, and dashboard adaptor.   A great all in one travel companion to keep you and your iPhone safe and secure.

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