Our new friends at Bodyguardz have great products for both Apple and Android products.  One we were especially impressed with is their Screenguardz Pure.  This is like no ordinary screen protector we’ve seen before; the Screenguardz Pure is made from a special “chemically-tempered glass” that raises the bar for screen protection.  It has a smudge resistant layer and is still sensitive to touch; so smooth you won’t even be able to tell it’s there.  Bodyguardz doesn’t only specialize in screen protectors; they have an extensive inventory of cases and ear buds as well.  All high quality and made to last.  Alycia Feller demonstrated just how durable their screen protector is and we have never seen anything like it!  Although it will not guarantee keeping your screen from cracking if dropped onto concrete, it will protect your screen  from scratches that regular screen protectors have no chance standing up to.

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