At MACWORLD 2014, we got to meet the folks at Neet Products and hear all about their newest Neet Sleeve.    The Neet Sleeve is an innovation they are very proud to share with everyone.  This is the first of its kind to not only be custom fitted, but also made with eco-friendly materials.  Everyone hates tangled wires and the pain you go through trying to free them.  The Neet Sleeve allows you to store any cords or cables easily and keep them from getting tangled.  With a small wire in the material of the sleeve, you can easily bend or mold your cable so that it will hold together tightly.   With a range of different sizes, there is certainly going to be one that everyone can benefit from.  They are offering a discount right now for 20% when you use the code: mw2014.

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Product Photo Shoot by Py / Py25 Studio /

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