One really interesting new product we spotted at MACWORLD 2014 was the Bakbone.  The Bakbone is a tablet ring made to make holding any tablet effortless and more convenient. The Bakbone is a family run business with Paul Webber MD MPH, CEO and Inventor, working with his wife, twin sister, and brother in law.  Webber shared with us that once you attach it to the back of your tablet you can securely hold it with just one hand and go along your business.  He explained from his own experiences in the medical field, that although they have been adapting with there were some drawbacks.  Having to hold a tablet while working with a patient would sometimes be a little difficult; or trying to show them something on it could be awkward and frustrating.  The Backbone is the key to easily being able to use your tablet in your work or home environment.  It can also double as a tablet stand for when you want to enjoy a movie or follow along with a recipe while cooking.  The Bakbone is held onto your tablet by a strong adhesive that will not peel off over time.  The actual ring is magnetically attached to it and this actually allows you to switch from portrait and landscape view effortlessly without having to take off the Bakbone.

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