Facebook has begun testing their latest idea, a virtual assistant known as Moneypenny, or M for short.   It is available through the Messenger app and can help you with any task you have at hand.  Moneypenny can help you pick a gift for a loved one, make reservations for a special occasion, or finding must see sights when travelling to a new city.  Vice President David Marcus explained that M runs on artificial intelligence but is still under human supervision.  In the Messenger app you will see a small button and when you press it you can begin a conversation with M asking for assistance in whatever you may need.  One interesting thing about this virtual assistant is that you will be able to ask it questions in a more natural way versus asking a formal question.  The team behind M is working to make the technology better and more advanced so that it eventually won’t need to rely on a large human staff to operate smoothly.  This project is still in its testing phase and there is no definite public release date as of yet.  With competition like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana; Facebook really wants M to be able to stand out and actually help its users with tasks that are important to them.

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