Microsoft was able to keep a really exciting secret that shocked everyone.  They announced and launched their latest product today within hours of each other; they introduced Microsoft Band, their step into the wearable market.  Microsoft fans don’t need to wait to buy or pre-order Band, they are available for purchase right away.  It has a pretty simple interface that makes keeping track of your health easier than ever before.  It’s been designed to work seamlessly with any type of phone so that there are no hassles.  The app that accompanies it is easy to use and understand, encouraging users to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle. Follow along with guided workouts, monitor your heart rate anytime of the day, track your sleep, and map your runs or bike rides.  You can do all those things on top of receiving notifications, checking your calendar, setting an alarm, and so much more.  You can even utilize Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana right from your wrist.  The Microsoft Band is available for $199 online and at any Microsoft store location.


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