Microsoft introduced their latest invention, Microsoft HoloLens.  It is a headset that will bring virtual reality right into your world; it adds holograms all around you that you can interact with and use.  Let your imagination go and see where it will take you.  The headset itself has a computer right inside of it which allows you to perform many different functions.  There are no wires or other hardware required; simply put on the HoloLens and start living in the future.  While the device is still within its early developmental stage, they were able to demonstrate some of the incredible features and abilities it has.  They did mention that it will be available during the “Windows 10 timeframe” so that makes it even more exciting to have this sort of technology available.  Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, mentioned that prices will be set towards enterprise and consumer levels but did not mention any price ranges to give us an idea.

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