Misfit Shine is a discreet fitness tracker and sleep monitor that you can wear anywhere, for ultimate comfort and convenience.  You can choose how you want to wear it so that it fits your fitness regime perfectly.  Wear it on your wrist like other fitness trackers or you can place it in your pocket or shoe for optimum performance.  Different wristbands allow you to express your style while tracking your fitness goals, the clasp allows you to clip it onto your shirt or secure it in your pocket, and the necklace option helps you keep it close without worrying about losing or dropping it.  The only fitness tracker that gives you options on how you want to wear it.  Misfit wanted to focus more on the simplicity of what it is people really want from a fitness tracker.

Set your goals, then easily track and accomplish them with the accompanying app.  You can keep up with your sleep, daily food intake, and movement throughout your day.  It’s simple in design to keep the focus on the main point of using a fitness tracker; but they do offer you stylish options with different colors and ways to wear the tracker.  They can go underwater up to 50 meters and only weigh 9.4 grams; they are extremely comfortable and convenient, it makes tracking your fitness and sleep a snap.  They also offer the Misfit Flash, which is a little bit lighter and can go up to 30 meters underwater.  Buy the Shine for $99.99 from the Misfit website and the Flash is available for pre-order for $49.99 (expected ship date is mid October).

If you’re only interested in tracking your sleep, then Beddit from Misfit is what you’re looking for.  Use the Misfit app to see all the statistics from your night’s worth of sleep, and with nothing to wear you’ll sleep comfortably and never have to worry about wearing a bothersome device.  Beddit goes on your mattress so you don’t have to wear anything other than your comfy pjs to bed. It plays soothing sounds to help you fall asleep peacefully and quickly.  You can also see the difference when you use the Smart Alarm which wakens you during a light sleep cycle so you awaken refreshed and ready to go!  Beddit will measure the quality of sleep you experience, how long you sleep for, track your sleep cycles, how long it takes for you to fall asleep, your heart and respiration rate, and even your snoring.  Beddit is available on the Misfit website for $149.99.

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