It’s National Beer Day!!! And what better way to celebrate than enjoying a nice cold one?  Check out these apps to get National Beer Day in full effect!


If you like to visit breweries to see where your favorites are made or you want to discover new flavors and want to expand your beer repertoire then BreweryMap is perfect for you.  This  app will show you all the breweries around you or any location you want.  You will be able to get all the necessary information to plan a fun and informative visit.  So whether you want to visit your favorite breweries or are in the mood to discover some new gems, download BreweryMap and you’ll be set to go!  It’s great for planning a fun day with friends or if you’re looking for adventure, a road trip cross country!  Available for download for $3.99 from the App Store and $2.99 from Google Play.

Find Craft Beer

If you’re on the hunt for your favorite craft beer, then you’ll need the Find Craft Beer app.  It will tell you where you can find your favorite labels by utilizing GPS and their large library of locations.  Check out Brew Pubs, Breweries, Beer Bars, Beer Stores, or even Homebrew Shops to find your favorites.  Or this app is great for those who wish to try something new.  With just a little information, Find Craft Beer will help you discover some great flavors and experiences.  It is available for download for $0.99 from the App Store and Google Play.

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Not just today on National Beer Day, but any day you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage and celebrating life, please remember to be safe.  Don’t drink and drive.  You don’t want to cut someone else’s time short especially your own.  If you know you will be drinking, plan to have a designated driver.  Or if you did not plan to be drinking but know you are unable to drive yourself home, utilize services such as Uber or Lyft to get you home safely.

It’s a good idea to keep a breathalyzer on you or in your car at all times.  You can test yourself to see if you are able to get home or test your friends to convince them not to drive when you know they’ve had one too many.  Trusted brands for personal breathalyzers include AlcoHAWK and BACTrack.  Both brands have passed clearance to give professionals and those who use it for personal use the most accurate results.  Safety of yourself and those around you are very important to both AlcoHAWK and BACTrack.

AlcoHAWK Avanti Breathalyzer

This breathalyzer retails for $159.99 and it features a SMART Fuel-Cell sensor to give you an accurate reading of your blood alcohol level.  Replaceable mouthpieces allow for sanitary testing when testing multiple users and will allow for accurate results. It has an easy to read LCD display to read the results and it is built to last.  You can purchase this breathalyzer here and view others that AlcoHAWK has to offer here.


BACTrack Mobile Pro

This breathalyzer from BACTrack retails for $99.99 and will give you accurate test results every time.   They use a police grade sensor along with advanced technology that’s trusted in hospitals, clinics and by other law enforcement to give you the highest level of accuracy and consistency.  You can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth easily to read and track results as well as log notes and add photos.  You can check out BACTrack’s entire line of products here.


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