The NBA Finals 2015 are in full swing and everyone is eager to see how this series plays out.  Make sure you’re up to date and on top of all the news, scores, and highlights with these apps.

Golden State Warriors App / Cleveland Cavaliers App

If either of these team is your hometown pride and joy, then it’s safe to say you’ve already got their app downloaded.  Team specific apps allows fans to keep up to date with anything and everything going on with their favorite team.  Both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers apps are FREE to download from Google Play and iTunes.  GSW Google Play / GSW iTunes / CC Google Play / CC iTunes 

NBA Game Time

The official app of the NBA is definitely a top contender for any basketball fan.  Follow all the excitement all season long and get news surrounding your favorite team as well as throughout the league.  If you ever have to miss a game, no worries, you can catch full recap and team videos right in the app.  Follow live stats, score updates, and schedules for all league games.  Get access to press conferences and full news updates.  For fans who have purchased NBA League Pass through their cable provider, they can activate it on their phone or tablet.  NBA Game Time is available for download for FREE from Google Play and iTunes.

Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN is another great app to keep up to date with NBA Finals.  With this app you’ll have access to all sports news, games, and access to all ESPN networks. Download it for FREE from Google Play and iTunes.

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