Nest has really innovated home safety and automation in a high tech era.  With Nest Protect you’re getting your smoke and CO2 alarm all in one and in a smarter package.  They know that people all over are guilty of taking out the batteries of their smoke alarms and leaving them out because sometimes they screech when you’re just trying to prepare dinner.  So they’ve created a smart smoke and CO2 alarm that knows the difference between serious trouble and something that simply cracking a window open can fix.  It became more of an annoyance or hassle than something to protect your family and your home.  Nest Protect will give you a warning known as Heads-Up before emitting the real emergency alarm if it detects low levels of smoke or CO2.  So if you’re attempts at becoming the next Iron Chef have caused some trouble in the kitchen, you’ll hear a human voice inform you of what it is detecting and where in your house.  You’ll also receive a notification on your mobile app; so you’ll be able to silence the warning and address the situation without an ear splitting alarm going off and disturbing everyone.  The app is also great because if you are not home and something does go wrong, you are notified and able to take action.  If smoke or CO2 levels reach emergency levels, Nest Protect will pulse red and give off a loud sound   informing you of what it has detected and where, along with the app notification.  It’s about keeping you and your loved ones safe, and avoiding annoying false alarms which often lead people to not have sufficient alarms in place.  If your home has a Nest Protect installed, you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself from serious harm.  It informs you of the low battery through the app so that you won’t have to deal with annoying beeps when the time comes to change it out, and won’t go off mysteriously for no reason.  You can even use the feature Pathlight to light your way in the middle of the night if you need to get up for any reason.  You can purchase Nest Protect from their website for $99; you can choose from black or white.

Nest Thermostat allows you to regulate your environment and will learn your preferences so that you don’t have to consistently monitor your home’s temperature.  It’s a smart thermostat that will help you save on your energy bill and become a more efficient household.  Nest Thermostat is easy to set up and will help you save money in the long run.  Simply change the temperature to whatever you feel comfortable at and it will begin to learn how you like your home’s temperature and when you prefer it that way.  So no more freezing cold mornings or nights that are too warm to sleep; you’ll be able to live comfortably all the time.  Auto Away allows you to manage your home’s temperature while you are away and that in turn can help lower your energy bill significantly.  If you make changes to your thermostat consistently, Nest will learn them and eventually make them itself so that you won’t have to keep doing it.  You can stay connected and in control with the Nest app.  Change the temperature even while you’re out so that when you arrive home, the temperature is already perfect just the way you like it.  Or maybe you forgot to turn down the heat, that’s ok because with the Nest app you can control your thermostat no matter where you are.  You can actually control up to 10 different thermostats in 2 homes all from one account.  You can purchase Nest Thermostat from their website for $249.

Both of these Nest products are really working towards making your home a safer environment for you and your family while giving you ultimate comfort.  So if you’re ready to take the next step into smart home safety and automation, check out Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat.

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