If you thought Apple did wonders with the MacBook Air in offering the lightest and thinnest possible laptop, then your mind is about to be blown.  They have introduced the New MacBook and it is most definitely a very pleasant surprise.  The MacBook Air already comes in at an impressive 0.68 inches (17.27 mm) unibody design and weighs a mere 2.38 lbs.  If you can even imagine it, the New MacBook comes in at an astonishing 13.1 mm and just 2 lbs!  Don’t worry about having to sacrifice any features when deciding to get the New MacBook.  It comes with a full keyboard that is newly designed to enhance your typing experience.  Even the trackpad is updated and redesigned.  The Force Touch trackpad gives you a uniform click no matter where on the trackpad you press.  Sensors can detect the amount of pressure you are applying which will give you new ways to use it and get the most out of your MacBook.  The 12 inch Retina display will definitely catch your eye.  The glass reaches edge to edge and delivers crisp and clear images with over 3 million pixels to bring anything you view to life.   One new feature that has a lot of people really excited is the all new USB-C port.  You can do just about anything you need with this one port.  You can charge your device, transfer data and even video output; all in one place.  No matter where your day takes you or how crazy it may get, the New MacBook will definitely keep up.  It boasts 9 hours of battery life to get you through even the longest most hectic days.  And of course, the OS is something you can expect of Apple which is high quality and reliable.  The New MacBook is available April 10th and price starts at $1299.

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