We’ve got some exciting news Geeksters!  TYLT has announced 2 of their newest products today, the VÜ SOLO Wireless Charger and the VÜ CAR Wireless Charger.  The VÜ SOLO Wireless Charger is small and portable which makes it a great travel accessory or a must have to keep around your house or office.  It’s powered by a micro-USB input, and all you need to do is position the ALIN once onto your device so that it will work with the Wireless Charger.  No more messy cables or connectors to deal with; just place your phone onto the charging pad and go about your day.  The VÜ CAR Wireless Charger is perfect for the TYLT lover on the go.  It’s great as a hands free mount, keeping you safe and still connected while driving.  Just place your smartphone onto the VÜ CAR Wireless Charger and squeeze the holding arms to keep your phone securely in place and that’s it.  You can navigate with ease all while getting a full charge on the go.  It fits larger phones such as the Galaxy Note Series so no matter what phone you have, the VÜ CAR Wireless Charger is the perfect must have accessory.  VÜ SOLO Wireless Charger will be available for $39.99 and the VÜ CAR Wireless Charger for $79.99.


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