In today’s generation, we see children becoming more and more tech savvy and dependent.                                                                             When did it Mattel_ipad_bouncer_2become the norm for a kindergartener to have the latest iPhone?  I don’t even own the newest iPhone!  That’s not even the worst of it; Mattel’s Fisher Price has released the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad Device.  It is the familiar bouncy chair used to sooth babies and keep them occupied with trinkets and toys within their reach; except instead of the cute toys it has an iPad holder. Josh Golin, the associate director of the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood, and his group have begun a petition already with more than 1,400 signatures asking Fisher Price to recall this bouncer.  Golin and his group are advocates of discouraging screen time for children under the age of 2.  While Fisher Price has made an announcement explaining that the bouncer does have certain features to limit time spent watching the iPad, some feel it is still a bad promotion of dependency on technology.

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Technology is getting ridiculous! They just want to complicate everything and it’s annoying! Growing up we played outside until the sun went down, nowadays kids are glued to their screens and it's all thanks to technology.

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