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Nintendo today announced their latest addition to their handled console family, the 2DS.  It’s like a 3DS, but not 3D.  There’s a lot going for the 2DS, but is it enough to separate it from the standard DS?  Let’s take a look :


The 2DS will do basically everything the 3DS does, but just in 2D.  Nintendo has lowered the cost of the 2DS by removing the 3D screens, but has kept all the other features of the 3DS in a new form.  All the 3DS games will play on the 2DS still, just not in 3D.

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The new Nintendo 2DS is a strange decision, but does make sense if you consider who Nintendo is aiming for : children.  Not teenagers or young adults, but children.  This, to us, is the only reason it makes sense.  The standard DS and the new 2DS seem to share very similar features, in fact we have a hard time finding much of a difference besides Nintendo’s StreetPass and SpotPass systems.  These two data-sharing features are available on the 2DS, but not the standard DS.  There is a slight difference between the two with their included software, but the functions appear to be similar.

Here’s how the 2DS is better for children though.

  • The non-folding design, while an annoyance for everyone else, makes sense for children as there are less moving parts and less to break.
  • The Nintendo recommends that 3D be turned off for those younger than 7, but that warning most likely goes unheeded.  This removes that, by only displaying in 2D.
  • Because of the slate-like design, the 2DS is a little easier to hold, with larger buttons.
  • It includes the circle-pad, which might be easier for some.  The DS only has a standard D-pad.

Are these worth the $30 price difference however?

The DS, and 2DS could make a reasonable tablet replacement for a young child.  There’s games, web browser, and downloadable content.

Let us know what you think!  Which would you pick : $99 for the DS, $129.99 for the 2DS or $169.99 for the 3DS?


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