Back in March, Nintendo had announced they would be working with DeNa, a game publisher, to develop games made specifically for smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices.  It’s been big and exciting to hear Nintendo developing mobile games. Word is that they will release the first game by the end of this year and they plan to release a total of five by March 2017.   Satoru Iwata, CEO and president of Nintendo, shared that they plan to make each new game a complete hit and will not port existing titles to their mobile game division.  So all new games made specifically for your mobile devices within the next couple years made by a company we all grew up loving, that’s pretty exciting news!  Nintendo still intends to produce their own genre of gaming consoles and even have a new one currently in development with the codename NX.  There is lots of exciting things coming up for Nintendo and they have no plans of slowing down.  We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any further details and share them with our Geeksters asap!

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