The Starbucks app is not news for any coffee enthusiasts.  It allows you to pay and tip right in the app, and you can easily manage your card balance.  Starbucks has released an update so now you can order from within the app.  That is right, you can order, pay, and tip within the app making your morning stop for coffee even easier.  You simply open your Starbucks app, open the app menu on the left hand side, and then select “Order”.  From there you will see a menu of items and just tap what you want to eat or drink.  Add it to your order, and it will show you the location you’ll be ordering from (you can change this to choose another location if you wish) and when it will be ready.  The Starbucks app is also great for keeping track of your rewards, sending e-gift cards, or viewing your transaction history.  If you don’t already use the Starbucks app, you can download it for FREE from iTunes and Google Play.

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