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When looking for the right pair of computer glasses, I came across many styles that I just felt did not really resemble my personal taste.  For something that I will probably have to wear on a daily basis, it was very important for me to not only find something that worked to relieve my headaches and eye strain from hours of computer work, but also accentuate my personal style.  OutFront Eyewear offers just the solution I am looking for.  They not only offer Anti-Fatigue eyewear, but also Multi-Focal computer glasses, sun wear, and eye wear for kids and teens.  There really is something for everyone!  One great thing about these glasses was that there is no prescription needed!  I normally wear contacts and I love the fact that I can put on these glasses when I know I’ll be working on the computer all day and not have to worry about my contacts at all.  The lenses are very clear and sharp, and the anti-glare reflective coating really protects my eyes.  Another thing I love about these glasses is that they do not have any tint to them at all, I don’t mind the computer glasses that do have a tint but this was a little bonus that these lenses were clear.  OutFront Eyewear really wants to provide the top quality product at a reasonable price, and they are definitely achieving that goal.  They also make a point to educate their customers on eye health, especially with how quickly technology is advancing and how it is basically everywhere.  The Jamie frames were lightweight, durable, and great looking!


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