Sometimes you need to keep your kids occupied and quiet, so you opt for your tablet or smartphone.  They can do all sorts of fun and educational activities on a tablet, watch their favorite shows or movies, and listen to their favorite music.  But how can you make sure that they are only accessing age appropriate material and not making any in-app purchases on your account?  Here are some tips to ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

One surefire way is to set up an account for your child and set restrictions so that they only have access to certain features.  With yourself as the Primary account on the device, you will have complete control of their activity.  It will be easy for you to setup and you won’t ever have to worry if they’ve purchased something they shouldn’t have or are using an app that is not appropriate for them.  Under Settings-Users-Add Profile you should be able to setup an account with restricted access.  Most all devices should have an option to set this up, where in settings it may be located or features available may vary.

Another option is if your child has their own Google account, you can set parental restrictions to keep them from viewing or downloading questionable items. Within their account, you can use a secret pin to access the parental controls to adjust them to your liking.  You can also set it up so that if they want to make any purchases, they must enter a password for it to go through.

Third party apps can also help and offer you parental controls to make sure your children are safe and not emptying your walled with in app purchases.  DinnerTime Plus is a good example of one that will give you full control of your child’s device.  It works from your phone and links to their device.  You can lock/unlock their device whenever you want; whether it’s study time, bed time, dinner time, or you would rather have them go outside to play.  You can view which app is currently running to see what they are doing, and also set time limits of how long they can play or use their device.  Block certain apps, view app history, and real time monitoring of what they are doing on their device.  DinnerTime Plus is available in both the Google Play Store and iTunes for FREE.

Here are some other helpful apps for setting parental controls:

MMGuardianGoogle Play (FREE)

ParentKitiTunes (FREE)

SecureTeenGoogle Play (FREE) & iTunes (FREE)

Mobile Fence Parental ControlGoogle Play (FREE)


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