Pd.id is a small device you can easily carry anywhere with you discreetly.  When submerged into your drink, it will test for foreign and dangerous substances.  This small device can save countless innocent victims from a terrible experience that nobody deserves to endure.  The Indiegogo campaign began on July 15, 2014 and will close on August 29, 2014 where they hope to have raised at least $100,000.  As of today, they are at 6% of their goal with 39 days left.  The technology behind this compact device is truly impressive, by conducting 3 different tests it will inform you if your drink is safe to consume or if it has indeed been tampered with.  The possibility of something like this happening to you, a friend, or a family member is really scary, and should be taken seriously.  You never know who is out there and what they are capable of.  For so long, attackers have gotten away with such a heinous crime and the victims were left with a sense of vulnerability, but now we can better protect ourselves with pd.id.  Go to their Indiegogo campaign to read more about the breakthrough technology and learn about their plans.

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