Ever find yourself having to walk somewhere at night and not feeling very safe?  Keep reading to learn about some phone cases that can help you feel at ease the next time you have to take a stroll in the dark.


Pepper Spray Phone CaseSmart Guard offers their Pepper Spray phone case.   That is right, pepper spray right at your fingertips.  The case comes with a can of Pepper Spray that snaps in comfortably right next to your phone.  The Smart Guard has a range of 5 feet and can spray in 6.5 second bursts.  There is a safety tab so you won’t have to worry about accidentally spraying yourself.  If danger presents itself, simply snap the can of Pepper Spray out of its carrier and spray your attacker.   The use of Pepper Spray is meant to be used for self-defense purposes only.  And the FAA has regulated that you are not allowed to bring such an item on board a flight.  That means you will have to put it into your checked luggage.    There are many “frequently asked questions” available on their website if you are interested in getting some more information.





Stun Gun Phone Case:   Another option for personal safety is The Yellow Jacket, a stun gun phone case.  Yes, it is a phone case that doubles as a stun gun.  When used it will emit a loud electrical noise and a painful sting much like an actual stun gun does.  It is a very heavy duty case that will add some bulk to your phone but it is extremely durable.  They retail at $99 for the iPhone 4 and 4S.  In the near future, there will be cases available for the iPhone 5 models and Samsung Galaxy S4.  Just like the Smart Guard, a case like this will not be allowed on your flight so it will have to be packed in luggage you check in.






Brass Knuckles Phone Case: If you prefer something a little less intimidating than pepper spray or a stun gun, then the Knucklecase is what you’re looking for.  It is actually made with the purpose of adding a handle on your phone, but can easily double as a self-defense mechanism.  Knucklecase does state that it is intended as a handle only and that they are not held liable for any damage or injury incurred from the case.  Knucklecase retails at $99-$125 for the iPhone 5 and 5S, but the iPhone 4 case is available on sale for $40.  They are currently working on a iPhone 5C version to be available soon.  Just like the other two options, this case will also have to be packed away in your checked-in luggage.


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